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Photography has been my companion and my friend beginning in my late teenage years. I have always been creative, and spent many childhood hours drawing and painting. Early in my childhood traveling had an impact on me. Growing up near the airport in Zurich, Switzerland – my father’s employer – we often traveled to distant places and continents. Later I continued to travel on my own to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Iceland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and almost every other year to Mauritius, Indian Ocean – my father’s native home.


Both of my homes, Switzerland and Mauritius, are precious to me. Born and raised in Switzerland I love the country for its natural beauty, a hiker’s paradise, a prescious jewel. Mauritius is a green diamond in the Indian Ocean, in love with its tropical climat, multicultural diversity and atmosphere, ocean and sunshine year around.

In 1997 I won the green card lottery and added another „culture“ into my life; I immigrated to the United States. Boston was my first destination, then San Francisco and eventually I settled down in Atlanta, Georgia. My experience in America is an important chapter of my life. For two years I studied photography at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. During and after my studies I exhibited photographs in several solo and group exhibitions, I assisted various photographers (i.e. for National Geographic Traveler Magazine), worked with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, (a nationally recognized month long annual celebration of photography) and as photography instructor. Furthermore, I published photographs in numerous magazines and colaborated on a book project.

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After seven years of the „American Life“ I returned to Switzerland. I work part-time as administrative assistant, in my spare time I explore Switzerland on foot, and on holidays I travel to Mauritius and other countries. At home I love to create photo books and cards.

My life has been one of discovery and learning. I look forward to the adventures of future travels and the gift of exploring and capturing the beauty of familiar and unknown places.

Denise Travailleur Photography Portrait in Farbe